Overview of all Services and Products



Online Courses to become a Certified Remote Viewer

You believe that you can learn Remote Viewing from home and only need the course material, training targets, a tool with you can statistically evaluate your results, detailed teaching videos and a trainer or coach who supports you? Our „Online College“ offers you exactly this possibility with our Online Courses for Remote Viewing.



BackOffice for Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is measurable. With our Web-BackOffice you are now able to measure your performance as a Remote Viewer very easily and quickly. You will get almost an unlimited number of Remote Viewing Targets subdivided into different levels of difficulty as well as statistical evaluation und other tools.


Remote Viewing Handbook/Textbook

The Remote Viewing Handbook „Working Manual of the Information-Research-Technique – From Practice for Practice“ is the practical companion (handbook, textbook, instructions) for all Online Courses at the Remote Viewing College (R.V.C). On more than 220 A4 pages all necessary instructions to learn Remote Viewing are available in word and picture.


Teaching Videos for Remote Viewing

With the teaching videos for Remote Viewing you get a complete and detailed overview of all stages (I to VI) and for all methods (Information Research Technique IRT, Authetic Remote Viewing ARV and High-Speed Remote Viewing HSRV). 98 online videos will help you to understand each method better and therefore learning faster.


Remote Viewing Pen for Remote Viewer

The most important tool for Remote Viewing is still the black pen. We have gathered and compared our long-standing experiences to develop a unique pen for Remote Viewer – the "Official Remote Viewing Pen".


Remote Viewing Test

Whether you have already completed an education or Online Course in Remote Viewing, or you can perform the tasks of a Remote Viewer through special talents, abilities, skills or with the help of another method, simply test your performance as Remote Viewer and see if you are ready to work as a professional Remote Viewer in paid projects.


Scholarship at the Remote Viewing College

Within the framework of the Remote Viewing College´s talent program we award scholarships for Online Courses in Remote Viewing.