Online Courses
to become a Certified Remote Viewer
in New Zealand

You believe that you can learn Remote Viewing from home and only need the course material, training targets, a tool with you can statistically evaluate your results, detailed teaching videos and a trainer or coach who supports you? Our „Online College“ offers you exactly this possibility with our Online Courses for Remote Viewing.

In our handbook „Working Manual of the Information-Research-Technique – from practice for practice“ you will find on more than 200 pages everything you need for your online course. More than 1000 training targets, a digital Web-BackOffice including statistical evaluation, detailed video tutorials and a personal trainer/coach who will assist you throughout the entire course period are available for practical implementation.

Our Online Courses for Remote Viewing are available in different versions, depending on how much support you need and what level of knowledge you have.



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for the Certified Remote Viewer:



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