Unique Selling Points
of the Remote Viewing College
in New Zealand

What are the differences between the Remote Viewing College and others?
This worldwide comparison and quality check should give you a detailed overview.



Overview and details:

Remote Viewing College


Online Courses to become a certified Remote Viewer ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Choice of four different Online Courses ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Three different Remote Viewing techniques (I.R.T., A.R.V. and H.S.R.V.) ✔︎ *****
Online Seminars ✔︎ ***** Partially ***
Regular Online-Coachings ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Certified trainers / coaches / teachers available by email, phone and Skype ✔︎ *****
Qualification and experience of the trainers / coaches / teachers in professional and pedagogical aspects Very Good ***** Satisfactory ***
Many years of experience in conducting Online Courses ✔︎ ***** No Offer
24/7 E-Mail-Support ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Teaching videos for all stages and tools ✔︎ ***** Partially ***
Remote Viewing Handbook / Textbook ✔︎ ***** Partially ***
Web-BackOffice incl. training-targets, archive, statistical evaluation and diary function ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Exclusive Remote-Viewing-Pen ✔︎ *****
Online-Courses in German, English and Italian ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Price-performance ratio Very Good ***** Satisfactory ***
Scholarships ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Duration of the Online Course to become a certified Remote Viewer Approx. twelve months ***** No Offer
References of students ✔︎ *****
Highest security for Remote Viewer ✔︎ *****
Career opportunities ✔︎ ***** No Offer
Job offer after completion of an Online Course
✔︎ *****
Market leader for Online Courses in Remote Viewing ✔︎ *****


Stars Total 110 15
Stars in Percent 100% 16,5%



The table follows a rating of five stars for "very good", four stars for "good", three stars for "satisfactory", two stars for "sufficient", one star for "inadequate" to zero stars for "unsatisfactory".




Reputation is a question of credibility and trust. The following testimonials should give you an impression about us and our work with the Remote Viewing Method. We have compiled a short selection of testimonials from our customers and employees about Remote Viewing.


What others say about our training and education

„I chose the Remote Viewing School because Remote Viewing cannot be learned in a short seminar - especially not from a book! Since every person is different, he or she perceives information differently. That's why everyone needs a personal support to ensure that what they have learnt is correctly received. This excludes self-doubt from the outset. Here, however, one is accompanied by professionally trained monitors. Questions that arise during training are answered competently at all times.“

Andreas A.

„I am currently doing my apprenticeship and find it fascinating what is going on in my head! The intellect says: all nonsense, crap - at least at the beginning. Nevertheless I started my training and wanted to know exactly. Meanwhile the mind still doubts, despite successful research! But it becomes increasingly quieter the more often I hit the target.... fascinating.“

Goran M.

„I started the online course 9 months ago and have now reached my goal. I can only recommend it to anyone who can work independently.“

Andre Scheffler

„I chose the online course because it includes everything I need to learn Remote Viewing. There is nothing comparable in the world that meets this high quality standard. Simple and thought through to the end.“

Hanna Geissler

„I love to learn self-taught. The possibility of an online course, the education in German and at a high level, ethical principles ... this offer of the Remote Viewing School is is truly a training-paradise for me!“

Beatrix Bishop

„The opportunity to obtain such exclusive expertise through the Remote Viewing School is truly unique. Thank you very much for your support!“

Manuel Mokros

„Very interesting, easy understandable material to work on at your own pace - wonderful. Many thanks for the support of RVS.“

Xenia Gille


What others say about us as employer

„Remote Viewer was and still is my dream job. At the Remote Viewing Institute I didn't just found a home - I found a family.“

Heidi Reinicke

„As a Remote Viewer, I have all the freedom I want. Especially more time for my wife, kids and hobbies.“

Frank Schneider

„The beauty of Remote Viewing is that I can do it from anywhere in the world. So I can travel the world and still earn money.“

Markus Pfeifer


What others say about our scholarships

„Many thanks for the scholarship I am very happy about the support of the R.V.C. I will use my chance and I am looking forward to the online course and the cooperation.“

K. Knöchel

„I would like to thank the Remote Viewing School most sincerely for the scholarship! You have fulfilled my wish. Thank you very much :)“

Ch. Krüger

„I am happy about the opportunity to learn here via the online course Remote Viewing. Thank you very much for your support with the scholarship!“

A.-E. Seevers